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SAS Certified Adv Programmer 130 Questions (53)

Which one of the following is the purpose of the IDXNAME= data set option?

A. It instructs SAS to name and store a specific index.
B. It instructs SAS to store an index in a particular location.
C. It instructs SAS to use a specific index for WHERE processing.
D. It instructs SAS to use any available index for WHERE processing.

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    hi, will you finish the 130 ADV questions for SAS? please, I really need it~ Thank you ~~

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    Do you have the whole set of question for the advance certification in a PDF file?
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    direct sas to use a specific index

    even if sas would have selected not to use an index or use a different index

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    Thank you very much for the so helping training. My SAS advanced certification test will be on Friday. Could you please send me the full set of questions to my email?
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    Could you please share remain questions from set of 130?

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