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SAS Certified Adv Programmer 130 Questions (14)

Consider the following SAS log:

229 data sasuser.ranch sasuser.condo / view = sasuser.ranch; 
230 set sasuser.houses;
231 if style = ‘RANCH then output sasuser.ranch;
232 else if style = ‘CONDO’ then output sasuser.condo;
233 run; 
NOTE: DATA STEP view saved on file SASUSER.RANCH. 
NOTE: A stored DATA STEP view cannot run under a different operating system. 
235 proc print data = sasuser.condo;
ERROR: File SASUSER.CONDO.DATA does not exist. 
236 run;
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

Which one of the following explains why the PRINT procedure fails?

A. SASUSER.CONDO is a stored DATA step program.
B. A SAS data file and SAS data view cannot be created in the same DATA step.
C. A second VIEW=SASUSER.CONDO option was omitted on the DATA statement.
D. The view SASUSER.RANCH must be processed before SASUSER.CONDO is created.

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  2. chinawokee - 07/9/2014 at 11:05 pm

    A data step view contains a partially compiled data step program that can read data from a variety of sources…
    The compiled code doesn’t take up too much room for storage
    the view= option tells sas to compile, but not to execute, the source program and to store the compiled code in the input data step that is named in the option
    Note:if you specify additional data files in the data statement, sas creates these data files when the view is processed in a subsequent data or proc step. Therefore, you need to reference the data view before you attempt to reference the data file in later steps

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